PRESS RELEASE: SwingGroup nominated in 3 categories at the Incentive & Motivation Awards 2015

Bruges, 23/03/15, SwingGroup, the Benelux market leader in online incentive and loyalty programs, was pleased to see two of its incentive and loyalty programs, powered by the Motisha Software, being nominated in three different categories at the Incentive and Motivation Awards. This prestigious event will take place Wednesday 22 April 2015, aboard the stunning Silver Sturgeon luxury river yacht on The River Thames, London.

About the Incentive and Motivation Awards (2015)

The Incentive & Motivation Awards Europe recognizes the best and most effective incentive and dealer channel programs, as well as motivational employee engagement solutions, and ground breaking innovative technical platforms. The event will be fun not too formal, thought provoking and inspiring. Ultimately an event that honours excellence and innovation across the industry.

Incentive and motivation awards 2015boot

About SwingGroup’s nominations

SwingGroup has been shortlisted in all three categories it entered for:

  • “Best use of technology in a motivation solution”
  • “Most improved business/workforce performance program”
  • “Most innovative channel incentive program”

“We’re very proud that an international jury recognized the added value of the Motisha incentive management platform for its customers.” says Gunther Everaert, Managing director of SwingGroup.

A first program which was submitted by SwingGroup was TD Boomerang, aBenelux channel incentive program for Tech Data, the global leading IT-channel distributor. Its goal was to easily develop and manage Tech Data’s own umbrella incentive campaign, together with additional vendor incentive campaigns at the same time, in order to seize maximum market opportunities.


A second submitted incentive program was KBC Vipping which rewards KBC’s top clients for their loyalty. KBC currently ranks as one of the top (-3) banking and insurance groups in Belgium, with Central Europe as its second core market.


In these two incentive incentive programs have we not only maximized customer retention and increased customer lifetime value but also significantly lowered the total cost of ownership. It would be great that the win we realize for our customers would eventually lead to a win at the Incentive and Motivation awards”  Gunther Everaert ends of with.

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About SwingGroup

SwingGroup is a Benelux-based incentive marketing agency that specialises in B2B and B2B2C incentive and loyalty programs.  Its clients include BMW, Coca-Cola, Electrolux, GE, Insites, KBC, Philips, Q8, Samsung, Solucious, Tech Data, Thomas Cook, Truvo, USG, Unilever, Unilin, Vaillant, and others. It offers a comprehensive solution from set-up of an incentive platform, to supporting integrated communication, to fulfilment of the incentives (more than 300,000 gifts and 300 (electronic) gift vouchers available in real time). The Motisha incentive management platform, which was developed in-house, is the heart of business.

Contact information

Everaert Gunther – Managing Director – – Tel: +32 50 50 24 64
Twitter: @swinggroup – @swinggift – @gunar2


De heilige drievuldigheid: Acquisitie – Retentie – Rewarding

Knappe vergelijking tussen Acquisitie en Retentie met ‘liefde op het eerste gezicht’. Om nooit meer te vergeten 😉

Loyal Cus-thomas

Social engineering conceptAcquisitie, retentie en rewarding zijn drie termen die absoluut onontbeerlijk zijn in een goed retentiebeleid. Alleen kennen en denken nog velen dat het begint en eindigt bij de eerste term: Acquisitie. Deze personen moet ik helaas teleurstellen! Want zij zullen waarschijnlijk heel veel geld en inspanningen zien verloren gaan. Het verhaal stopt niet bij acquisitie maar begint daar pas. In deze blog wil ik even mijn licht laten schijnen op deze begrippen en vooral aantonen dat het ene eigenlijk niet zonder het andere kan. De drie moeten opgeteld worden om één geheel te vormen.

Wat is acquisitie?

Voor iemand die niets kent van marketing verdient acquisitie wel even een kleine toelichting.

Simpel gezegd, is acquisitie de inspanning/poging die je onderneemt om iemand iets te laten kopen of te doen. Meestal wordt er hierbij ook nog een onderscheid gemaakt tussen warme en koude acquisitie. Warme acquisitie betekent dat je je…

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My SwingGroup internship experience

As an intern at SwingGroup I had various tasks and was always supported when needed. Under great guidance of Gunther Everaert I learned a lot about Incentive Marketing and how to motivate and reward people to achieve better results. This 3 month internship was a real learning experience, and a perfect end to my 3 year education at HoGent.

Because it’s a small and dynamic company I had several responsibilities and that helped me learn how it is to be active in the working life. It’s a fun place to work and I really enjoyed working on ongoing projects with my colleagues.

Sending out a personalised direct mailing to HR Managers

Creative interns Sophie and Kristof at work

I would definitely recommend SwingGroup for students who search an internship in the future!

Sophie Samyn


PRESS RELEASE: SwingGroup nominated for ‘Best B2B Loyalty Programme’ at The Loyalty Awards 2014 in London

Bruges, 10/04/14, Bruges-based SwingGroup, the Benelux market leader in online incentive and loyalty programs, was pleased to see specialist IT-channel product solution & services distributor Tech Data be nominated for ‘Best B2B Loyalty Programme‘ at The Loyalty Awards 2014 in London for its td.boomerang incentive program, which was developed on the SwingGroup Motisha platform.

About The Loyalty Awards 2014

The Loyalty Awards celebrate excellence, innovation and best practice in the loyalty industry across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Created by Loyalty Magazine, the Awards have responded to a desire in the loyalty business to celebrate the achievements of those companies and organisations excelling and achieving the extraordinary.

The worthy winners in each category are selected by a judging panel of independent industry experts. The rigorous entry and judging process then culminate in a spectacular evening of celebrations and networking with senior and key players from the loyalty business across Europe, the Middle East and Africa in attendance. The prestigious Loyalty Awards black tie dinner and ceremony will be take place this year at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London’s Park Lane on Tuesday June 10, 2014.

About the td.boomerang incentive program

td.boomerang is an umbrella annual incentive program for the partners of Tech Data to automatically generate points based on turnover in their specific product categories. Whoever earns the most points in a given quarter qualifies to participate in an exclusive team event.  Events full of inspiration providing plenty of stimulation according to Karel De Meersman, Channel Development Manager at Tech Data. “The prizes for last year’s winners, for example, included tickets for the arrival leg of the Tour de France on the Champs-Élysée, a day at Disneyland Paris, and a group trip to Peru.”  The person who collected the most points over the course of the year also won a ticket to Peru at the end of the campaign year.

According to Dimitri Rubens, Channel Marketing Manager at Tech Data, the success of the incentive program is due to how easy it is to use. “The Motisha platform made it possible for us to develop and manage campaigns easily ourselves, so we could focus on specific products quickly and in an original way.”

According to Gunther Everaert, Managing Director of SwingGroup, the second factor behind the success of the program is that vendors, such as HP, Microsoft, Logitech, and others, can also integrate their own incentive programs on the platform. “For those vendors, this is an easy way to stay in touch with the complete IT channel through Tech Data, which offers maximum upselling and cross-selling opportunities for everyone.” In addition, the partners are highly motivated to participate because the points that are earned with the ad hoc activities also contribute to the umbrella annual program.

About SwingGroup

SwingGroup is a Benelux-based incentive marketing agency that specialises in B2B and B2B2C incentive and loyalty programs.  Its clients include BMW, Coca-Cola, DeLonghi, GE, Insites, KBC, Philips, Q8, Tech Data, Truvo, USG, Unilever, Unilin and Vaillant. It offers a modular total solution from set-up of an incentive platform, to supporting integrated communication, to fulfilment of the incentives (more than 3,000 gifts and 400 (electronic) gift vouchers available in real time). The Motisha incentive management platform, which was developed in-house, is the heart of the system.

About Tech Data

Tech Data Corporation is one of the most important distributors of technology products, services and solutions in the world. The advanced logistical possibilities and added-value services help 120,000 distributors in more than 100 countries respond effectively and profitably to the differing technology needs of the end users.

Contact information

Everaert Gunther – Managing Director – – Tel: +32 50 50 24 64
Twitter: @swinggroup – @swinggift – @gunar2

Christ’l Pauwels – Tech Data Communication Manager – – Tel: +32 479 998 735 –

The three key drivers for a successful incentive campaign: part 1

How do you successfully roll out an incentive campaign to encourage someone to do something? What are the key elements that will maximize your incentive efforts and give you a greater return on your investments? In three articles I will guide you through the necessary action points and skills required to help you achieve your incentive campaign goal(s). In this article we start with the first key driver: ‘Inspiration’.

No goal, no glory

A Goal Without a Plan is just a dreamImagine what it would be like if the things you really love doing were that bit more difficult to achieve. Would you be willing to make that extra effort in order to carry on doing them? Maybe you love reading books from the library, but suppose you had to invite two friends before you could borrow a new book. Or you love watching your favorite football club every fortnight, but suppose you had to buy an item of club merchandise, like a cap, before entering the stadium, would you still go?

What’s in it for me?

I bet you would. Why do I believe so? Because of two factors: first of all you are already intrinsically motivated. Meaning you already love doing these things and getting something back, which gives you great personal satisfaction, each time. Secondly, you are extrinsically motivated with the incentive of achieving a double goal. You not only reinforce the community network with your own passion, creating more like-minded people to share experiences with,  but by doing so you also strengthen the brand itself, by actively promoting it either directly (your friends) or indirectly (your brand identity markers).  It’s obvious what’s in it for you!

Target right, future’s bright

So how do I put this in action in my own incentive campaign, you might wonder? Well, two things need to be addressed before you start rolling out a successful incentive campaign. First of all you need to clearly define your strategic business goals. Are you attracting new customers, like the library, or stimulating cross-selling, like the football club? Or do you need to attract new talent, improve your customer service or strengthen your sales channels? Once you know which goals you want to achieve, all that remains is to identify which internal or external target groups will help you achieve them. In other words, which audiences are already intrinsically motivated but are willing to achieve more with a little positive stimulation. If you are the library you might not only want to target existing members, but also school pupils. If you are the football club you might want to reach out to the on and offline fan clubs.

But two very important elements should be kept in mind. If you aren’t able to clearly define your goals or can’t define your target groups then it’s not worth going to the effort of setting up an incentive campaign. It’s not only a waste of your time and money, but it will also destroy your company brand. Secondly, you need to set up goals that are challenging yet achievable. Bringing ten friends every time you go to the library or buying your football club’s complete kit every time you go to a match, could have the reverse effect.

Inspirational goal setting

And now comes the interesting part. Once you’ve fixed your company goals, have tracked down the right target audience and know what it responds to, all that remains is to inspire them. How? Easy – create an inspirational concept that shows them their benefits in a crystal-clear way; bringing their world even closer to them. Now reinforce this message with a strong incentive, integrated in your corporate culture, and you’re onto a winner. Imagine being addressed like this: ‘Bring along two friends and the extra membership funding will mean you’ll be top of the list to read the latest books first.’ or ‘ If you buy club merchandising at five consecutive home matches you’ll receive a free upgrade on next year’s season ticket as a way of thanking you for spreading the club spirit.’

With rewards like that, who wouldn’t be interested in going the extra mile?

In the next article you’ll learn how to get this message across and how to start ‘engaging’ your target audience in this challenging journey.

Inspirational greetings,

Gunther Everaert
Managing Director of SwingGroup
IMA Europe Board Member –

Gunther EveraertGunther Everaert is the Managing Director and Founder of SwingGroup, the incentive marketing market leader in Benelux. He has strategically advised and developed integrated incentive marketing solutions for Fortune 500 clients such as BMW, Coca-Cola, GE, Philips and Unilever.  He has spoken at trendsetting conferences such as Digital Marketing First and HRM Masterclass e-recruitment, given interviews on Belgian national radio and is a regular guest lecturer at Ghent university.

PERSBERICHT: SwingGroup ontwikkelt award-winning incentiveplatform voor Tech Data

Brugge – 06/02/14. Tijdens de uitreiking van de Channel Awards 2014 sleepte Tech Data de bekroning in de wacht als ‚Beste Channel Incentive Program’ voor hun td.boomerang incentiveprogramma. Tech Data is een gespecialiseerde distributeur in productoplossingen & services in het IT-kanaal en deed voor de ontwikkeling van het bekroonde incentiveprogramma beroep op het Motisha platform van het Brugse SwingGroup, Benelux marktleider in online incentive- en getrouwheidsprogramma’s. 

Over de Channel awards 2014

De Channel Awards is een uniek event voorbehouden aan de professionals uit de distributie, aankoop en verkoop van IT. Het jaarlijkse event, dat dit jaar al voor de 12e keer plaatsvond, is het rendez-vous bij uitstek voor iedereen die van tel is binnen dit segment. Een exclusief evenement waarbij de beste spelers uit de wereld van de IT-distributie beloond worden. 

Over het td.boomerang incentive programma

td.boomerang is een overkoepelend jaarincentiveprogramma voor de partners van Tech Data waarbij ze automatisch volgens hun omzet in bepaalde productcategorieën punten sparen. Wie per kwartaal de meeste punten spaart, mag aan een exclusief teamevent deelnemen. Inspiratievolle events die zeer stimulerend werken volgens Karel De Meersman, Channel Development Manager bij Tech Data. “Zo werden de winnaars vorig jaar beloond met onder andere een ticket voor de aankomstrit van de Tour de France op de Champs-Élysées, een dagje Disneyland Parijs en een groepsreis naar Peru.”  Wie de meeste punten op zijn jaarteller verzamelde, werd bovendien op het einde van het campagnejaar beloond met een ticket voor Peru.

Volgens Dimitri Rubens, Channel Marketing Manager bij Tech Data, kan het succes van het incentiveprogramma toegeschreven worden aan het gebruiksgemak ervan. “Het Motisha platform laat ons toe om op een gebruiksvriendelijke manier zelf campagnes aan te maken en te beheren, waardoor we bepaalde producten snel en op een originele manier in de kijker kunnen zetten”.

De tweede succesfactor van het programma schuilt volgens Gunther Everaert, Managing Director van SwingGroup, in het feit dat de vendors zoals HP, Microsoft, Logitech… ook met hun eigen incentiveprogramma’s op het platform kunnen inhaken. “Voor deze vendors is dit  een laagdrempelige manier om in verbinding te staan met het volledige IT-kanaal via Tech Data, wat maximale upselling en cross selling opportuniteiten voor alle partijen biedt.” Bovendien worden de partners maximaal gemotiveerd tot deelname, omdat de punten die verdiend worden met de ad-hoc acties, ook voor een gedeelte meetellen voor het overkoepelende jaarprogramma.

Over SwingGroup

SwingGroup is als Benelux incentive marketing marktleider gespecialiseerd in B2B en B2B2C incentive en loyaltyprogramma’s. Dit bij klanten zoals BMW, Coca-Cola, DeLonghi, GE, Insites, KBC, Philips, Q8, Tech Data, Truvo, USG, Unilever, Unilin en Vaillant. Zij bieden een modulaire totaaloplossing van set-up van een incentive platform, over de ondersteunende geïntegreerde communicatie tot en met het fulfilment van de incentives (meer dan 3.000 geschenken en 400 (digitale) cadeaubonnen realtime beschikbaar). Het in huis ontwikkelde Motisha incentive management platform vormt hierbij het kloppende hart.

Over Tech Data

Tech Data Corporation is een van de belangrijkste distributeurs in technologische producten, diensten en oplossingen ter wereld. De geavanceerde logistieke mogelijkheden en diensten met toegevoegde waarde zorgen ervoor dat 120.000 verdelers in meer dan 100 landen op een doeltreffende en rendabele manier kunnen beantwoorden aan de verschillende technologische behoeften van eindgebruikers.


Everaert Gunther – Managing Director – – Tel: +32 50 50 24 64
Twitter: @swinggroup – @swinggift – @gunar2

Christ’l Pauwels – Tech Data Communication Manager – – Tel: +32 479 998 735