Esther’s enriching internship experience @SwingGroup

Firstly I would like to thank everybody at SwingGroup for this educational experience. Whilst I was just an intern I felt like a real employee and was even treated like one with my own responsibilities and assignments.


Esther’s cake she presented to the SwingGroup team. It was so mjammmmie …

One of my first assignments was to organise two breakfast sessions. In which Gunther, Managing Director of SwingGroup, would explain what it takes to set up a successful incentive programme. During this assignment was I not only responsible for finding the perfect location and budget control, but also for the communication to prospects and other clients, social media, the presentation as also the feedback after our breakfast sessions. Besides the interesting presentation concerning incentive programmes it was also the perfect opportunity for me to network.

Next to these breakfast sessions I also worked on new projects or projects which had already started. Here I was able to test different Incentive Programme WebPages, analyse campaigns, think about suiting rewards… My final project consisted out of analyzing the future strategic possibilities for a growing company such as SwingGroup. Aside these projects I was also continually busy with searching for interesting social media posts.

If you’re still looking for an internship where you will be part of a wonderful team, have an amazing time and learn a lot because of the variety of different assignments, SwingGroup will be perfect!

With kind regards

Esther Devos


My SwingGroup internship experience

As an intern at SwingGroup I had various tasks and was always supported when needed. Under great guidance of Gunther Everaert I learned a lot about Incentive Marketing and how to motivate and reward people to achieve better results. This 3 month internship was a real learning experience, and a perfect end to my 3 year education at HoGent.

Because it’s a small and dynamic company I had several responsibilities and that helped me learn how it is to be active in the working life. It’s a fun place to work and I really enjoyed working on ongoing projects with my colleagues.

Sending out a personalised direct mailing to HR Managers

Creative interns Sophie and Kristof at work

I would definitely recommend SwingGroup for students who search an internship in the future!

Sophie Samyn